Legend of the Great Saint

Legend of the Great Saint

Author: Dream Teller (说梦者)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Chinese, Demons

Official Summary:

Among the demons, the supreme ones are called “Great Saints.”

A young man leaves his mountain village, treading far and wide under the heavens, striding step by step into legend, becoming myth.


T/N: Chapters names are provided here, but they won’t be shown in the actual chapter pages since too many of them are spoilers.

Book 1: The Young Wanderer


Chapter 1: A Green Bull Opens its Mouth

Chapter 2: Eat Meat and Cultivate

Chapter 3: Living Apart and Disgrace

Chapter 4: Drunkenness and Murder

Chapter 5: Nine Bulls and Two Tigers

Chapter 6: Settling Grudge and Gratitude

Chapter 7: Pledging a Great Wish

Chapter 8: Attending a Deadly Banquet

Chapter 9: Once a Coarse Person Rages

Chapter 10: No Gods Above

Chapter 11: Evil Spirit Tangling the Body

Chapter 12: Long Blade in Hand

Chapter 13: Seeing Ghosts With Bull Tears

Chapter 14: Break And Enter

Chapter 15: The Witch’s Death

Chapter 16: White Bones and White Silver

Chapter 17: Dark Shade Ghost Control Technique

Chapter 18: Locust Tree and Ghost Rearing

Chapter 19: Bull Demon Showing its Might

Chapter 20: First Show of Fame

Chapter 21: Buying Ginseng And Ambush

Chapter 22: The Mystery of the Spirit Ginseng

Chapter 23: The Martial World’s Distant Roads

Chapter 24: Searching for the Spirit Ginseng

Chapter 25: Bow Pulling and Arrow Firing

Chapter 26: Try Out His Talent Once More

Chapter 27: The Spirit Ginseng’s Emergence

Chapter 28: The “South” Word’s Promise

Chapter 29: Autumn Mountain Hunt

Chapter 30: Pursuing a Tiger Across the Stream

Chapter 31: Stone Rending Bow

Chapter 32: Chance Meeting on a Narrow Path

Chapter 33: Pinnacle Showdown

Chapter 34: Suncheer’s Wulin

Chapter 35: Alarming News and Black Wind

Chapter 36: You All Have To Die

Chapter 37: Words Spoken Must Be Fulfilled

Chapter 38: Kill to the Last

Chapter 39: The Way of Demons

Chapter 40: A Name Shaking Through Suncheer

Chapter 41: Dao of the Beautiful Bones

Chapter 42: Strength of One Bull

Chapter 43: Tiger Descending the Mountains

Chapter 44: Dragon Gate Suzerain

Chapter 45: Vitality of Skin and Flesh

Chapter 46: The Weak Have No Courtesy

Chapter 47: Twelve Feet of Spear

Chapter 48: The County Magistrate Pays His Debts

Chapter 49: Upstairs Suncheer House

Chapter 50: Dragon Gate Comes Fighting

Chapter 51: Sweeping Through Dragon Gate

Chapter 52: The Spiritual Weapon Displays Its Might

Chapter 53: Black Wind Camp Master

Chapter 54: Prepare My Spear And Lance

Chapter 55: How Shall It Be Said You Have No Clothes

Chapter 56: Charging Alone Into Black Wind Camp

Chapter 57: Trample The Black Wind Camp

Chapter 58: Strong Diamond Talisman


Book 2: Demon Transformation


Chapter 59: Skeleton’s Initial Completion

Chapter 60: Accidentally Obtaining a Spiritual Weapon

Chapter 61: Murder And Arson

Chapter 62: Murderous Intent Hiding to the Four Sides

Chapter 63: Tiger Demon Bone Refining

Chapter 64: Tiger Demon Heart Scoop

Chapter 65: Stand Tall And Look Far Away

Chapter 66: Killing the Dragon Gate In a Blink

Chapter 67: Killing Stab of the Flying Sword

Chapter 68: Sudden Back and Forth

Chapter 69: First Grade Master

Chapter 70: A Radiant World

Chapter 71: Wine and Training

Chapter 72: Black Tiger Cave Exit

Chapter 73: Eagle Wolf Guard

Chapter 74: Killing Empty Slaughter

Chapter 75: Innate Master

Chapter 76: Might of Eagles and Wolves

Chapter 77: Red Wolf Captain

Chapter 78: White Eagle Captain

Chapter 79: Gu Yanying

Chapter 80: Frog at the Bottom of the Well

Chapter 81: Grand Aspirations

Chapter 82: Mountain Temple in the Snowstorm (1)

Chapter 83: Mountain Temple in the Snowstorm (2)

Chapter 84: Mountain Temple in the Snowstorm (3)

Chapter 85: Cursive Sword Script

Chapter 86: Demon Awakening

Chapter 87: Cremation Blood Fire

Chapter 88: Spirit Turtle Sea Guarding Secrets

Chapter 89: Cats And Pets

Chapter 90: Cat From the Province Capital

Chapter 91: Soaring Dragon Elder

Chapter 92: All The Way North

Chapter 93: Boundless Depths

Chapter 94: Innate Supernatural Skills

Chapter 95: Accidentally Charging Into A Rathole

Chapter 96: Great Mouse King

Chapter 97: Ice Sword Cliff

Chapter 98: A Sword Immortal Arrives

Chapter 99: How do the Stars Fall

Chapter 100: Climbing An Ice Sword

Chapter 101: A Green Bull Departs