MWIAP Chapter 7

My Wife Is A Princess

Chapter 7: Eating Poison


Li Luyou said, “Grandpa, please sit.” For him, there was no need to give priority to the status of a princess when it came to this kind of thing.

The old man grabbed the handrail, stood steadily, and said, “There’s no need, thank you both. My body is very tough.”

“This is a seat for the elderly to begin with, we’ll be ashamed to sit if you stand there.” Li Luyou was a good kid who knew honesty and shame. There was no way he could nonchalantly play on his phone or pretend to doze off or something when there was an elderly standing beside.

The old man said without any hesitation, “There’s really no need, I’ll reach my destination in just a bit. The little girl is quiet and gentle, don’t let her squeeze here and there in the bus, just stay seated.”

Annan Xiu suddenly felt this was a pretty decent grandpa. What he said was very reasonable.

A little guy squeezed in from the side and sat there while both sides were still making concessions. He exposed the expression of making fun of them. “You guys continue.”

“Get lost.” Annan Xiu didn’t care that the old man had just praised her for being quiet and gentle. She became a little missy with a bad and violent temper at once.

“How can you talk like that? There was no one in this seat, I can’t sit?” The little guy threw a contemptuous glance at Annan Xiu with a scoffing appearance.

“You can’t be like this little guy. This is the seat the little miss left for me. I didn’t sit, then that’s still the little girl’s seat, how can you say there was no one?” The old man felt that they had conceded it out of good will so he had to stick his head out for them and say a few words.

The people around were all enjoying the show. They had been one and all looking outside the windows, or dozing off, or talking on their phones when the old man had come on the bus, but now they were all full of spirit.

“There was no one when I sat down, where is the person? Could they be under my ass?” The little guy lifted his ass and grabbed it with his hand. “Ah, there’s actually a fart.”

Annan Xiu was so angry her cheeks were bright red, just the same as before she’d fried the fridge. Only she didn’t impetuously act right away after going through Li Luyou’s exhortations.

“Are you doing it, or me?” Annan Xiu spoke coldly when she saw Li Luyou merely staring with anger at the other party.

“Yo yo, you’re planning on doing something?” Li Luyou was tall and not so good to deal with. The little guy rolled up his sleeves, looking like he was ready for a fight if one was coming.

“I’m doing this to save you!” Li Luyou was confident justice and reason were on his side and allowed him to beat him. First, this guy was looking for a beating, second, he was really saving his life. This guy wouldn’t even know how he died if Annan Xiu were to act.

So said, Li Luyou landed a punch on the little guy’s nose, splashing fresh blood right away.

Annan Xiu stepped back a little in disgust. The people inside the bus were all a little dumbfounded. The vast majority of people from this era lived in a harmonious environment, and there were very few violent events that really happened right in front of their own eyes, not to mention they even saw blood. Someone immediately shrieked.

“You…” The little guy obviously hadn’t expected he’d be on the receiving end of such ruthlessness just because he’d snatched a seat.

“Young man, you shouldn’t…” The old man hurriedly said in conciliation. This young man and the young girl had both been good polite kids just then, how could their temper be so explosive.

“You old thing, would anything have happened if you’d just sat down just now?” The little guy was already excited, and he sprayed out his saliva when he heard the old man’s words.

Li Luyou saw Annan Xiu stay expressionless as before. He sent another punch toward the little guy’s face.

The little guy avoided it this time. Li Luyou hit the bus’ window pane, pain rising from his fist.

“You’re nuts, isn’t it just a seat?” The little guy stood on the seat. He jumped up and kicked at Li Luyou.

Li Luyou took his kick right in the middle of his chest. He felt a burst of stuffiness. His blood rushed upward and he became furious in an instant. “I was only doing it to save you. You should have just honestly lain down on the floor and let me give you a beating, but you still dare to fight back. You’re truly a dog biting the hand that feeds you, you don’t know who’s good for you!”

The people beside went through another burst of horror. This young man was too violent. He beat him up but still wanted to him to lie there and not fight back.

“Go fight outside if you want to fight!” The driver hurriedly shouted when he saw something had happened. He didn’t want to have his title of civilized bus route revoked.

The bus stopped. Li Luyou took the occasion to release his fists, his punches landing endlessly on the little guy’s body.

Li Luyou’s body was strong and robust after all. The little guy blocked a few times before he was smashed by Li Luyou’s fist, and he could only hug his head.

Li Luyou beat up the little guy until his nose turned blue and his face became all swollen in very little time.

Li Luyou roared at Annan Xiu in a bad mood, “Had enough?” Then he took her down the bus.

Li Luyou took out safflower oil and rubbed it on his fists when they went back home. He was a little moody inside, not actually because of snatching the seat with the little guy, but because he felt it was particularly shameful having Annan Xiu witness this sort of thing. The Annan Xiu who always hung “aboriginal” in her mouth would be looking down on him.

Annan Xiu actually didn’t express any more comments. She watched Li Luyou smear the safflower oil there. “You’re injured?”

Li Luyou said in a bad mood, “No kidding.” It was just his fists that were hurting a little. Of course that little guy would be hurting even more.

“I’ll give you this.”

There was a small colorful ball inside the fair and tender hand. It looked like a lollipop without the stick and seemed very delicious.

“I’m not a kid anymore.” She actually gave him candy to eat. Li Luyou’s heart was even more depressed. Was she treating him like a three years old?

“This is to help you heal, you won’t hurt after eating it.” Annan Xiu took the candy and stuffed it inside Li Luyou’s mouth.

Li Luyou didn’t have time to dodge. His tongue tasted a sweet taste just when he was planning to spit it out. It didn’t seem too bad, so he just sucked it inside his mouth.

“Too disgusting.”

Annan Xiu felt there was some moisture on the tip of her fingers, as if she’d been tainted by Li Luyou’s saliva. She frowned in great disgust and ran to the bathroom to wash her hands for a full ten minutes.

“Are you going to pay the water bill?” Li Luyou was very dissatisfied. She was too cold, was it so disgusting?

Annan Xiu finished washing her hands and walked out, then looked at Li Luyou again.

“What now…” Li Luyou wasn’t done talking yet when he felt something fishy. Then he saw Annan Xiu actually smiling.

Li Luyon thought this was the first time he’d clearly seen Annan Xiu expose a smile. Her eyes narrowed when she smiled, narrow just a little. Her eyebrows also curved, then her small delicate nose would wrinkle. The corner of her mouth faintly curved up when her skin smoothed back again, exposing spotless teeth suffused with a porcelain white gloss and a moist luster.

Her rows of teeth gradually separated, letting through a little of her tongue’s tip’s damp color. That appearance was a little expectant, a little mocking, as if she were waiting for some bad things to happen that she would be particularly happy to see.

Little girls would always look especially adorable in a naughty way when doing bad things. Li Luyou knew though there was no way to link Annan Xiu together with adorable, what with her destructiveness and irascible temper. The sense of something fishy became increasingly stronger and filled every place inside his body when he saw her with such an appearance.

Li Luyou only felt something explode inside his body. This explosive power pushed his bones and expanded them outward, stretching his muscles straight. There was a blood deficiency in many places inside in the space of a second. He couldn’t feel his body for a brief moment and seemed to lose control of it. This sensation vanished very quickly, and there came a feeling of pain from head to toes.

Li Luyou clutched his neck tightly, feeling as if he were being elongated by someone’s pull. He retched while glaring at Annan Xiu. “What… what did you give me to eat?”

Annan Xiu was still smiling there. Li Luyou’s reaction was obviously well within her expectations. Those not of my clan were sure to be traitors; Li Luyou felt he was truly too naive and had been deceived by her sweet and feeble looks. He’d actually believed she wouldn’t do anything to him just like that… As a powerful member of another world, people from this world were only aboriginals, inferior people, and she would clearly not feel any psychological barrier at tormenting them. Didn’t the brutal Europeans also act like this during their age of expansion?

Even Buddha felt anger, not to mention Li Luyou. He’d never suffered through such experiences. His heart was bewildered and he had no idea how Annan Xiu wanted to deal with him. His anger gradually soared at this moment. He charged forward and picked up Annan Xiu, then pressed her down on the sofa.

Annan Xiu hadn’t expected Li Luyou would act so suddenly. She lifted her hand, instinctively wanting to toss him a lightning ball, but then she resisted her urge and struggled on the sofa. “Li Luyou, you must want to die right? Do you know what you’re doing?”

“I don’t know what I’m doing, I only know what you’re doing!” Li Luyou’s tremendous body pressed Annan Xiu’s down on the sofa, not giving her any leeway to move.

Annan Xiu was merely an ordinary girl when not using divine sorcery. Her height didn’t even reach Li Luyou’s chest, and she could only look back at him in anger with a very fierce appearance.

“Was it poison you gave me?” Li Luyou was suffocating inside. There hadn’t been any lack to the mischievous troubles he’d caused from ever since his childhood, but he’d never done any outrageous atrocity. This time he’d also kindly given her shelter, but she was actually dealing with him like this. The pain was unending throughout his body. He was both annoyed and furious, so he lifted his palm and heavily slapped it on Annan Xiu’s ass.


Annan Xiu shrieked. Then that sound suddenly screeched to a stop as if it’d been cut off. Annan Xiu’s originally struggling appearance dissipated in the space of a second. Her eyes became empty, and her small mouth opened stiffly, her whole person taut in nervousness and not moving an iota.

Li Luyou didn’t notice. He felt he had yet to dissolve the sullenness inside his heart, so he once again slapped a vicious palm down.

Annan Xiu was only a little girl, her body just starting to mature. Her little butt was just this little big, just a little bit upturned, fleshy, and flexible. Li Luyou’s palm wasn’t so small, and the spank slapped down full on. Annan Xiu came back to her senses this time. There was no telling where she got her strength from, but her entire person bounced up. She suddenly couldn’t restrain the anger inside her anymore as she took in the sight of Li Luyou. She shouted loudly, “Go die!”

Lightning flashed on Annan Xiu’s faintly pink fingertips. Annan Xiu’s cheeks were swollen bright red, her skin pinkish all over, ready to roast Li Luyou medium rare under the added influence of anger and humiliation.

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