MWIAP Chapter 6

My Wife Is A Princess

Chapter 6: The Princess Is Very Angry


“What are you talking about?” Annan Xiu frowned. “I’m not someone from around here, it’s a matter of course if I’m not sure of your meaning.”

“Not someone from around here? You should be Chinese though?” The shopkeeper looked at the little girl. Black hair and black eyes, with a very articulate mandarin. She didn’t look like a foreigner.

Annan Xiu shook her head. “I’m not Chinese.”

The shopkeeper thought a bit. The little girl didn’t seem like she came to make fun of him. He brought out ninety-five yuans and gave them to Annan Xiu.

Annan Xiu looked with some disgust at the wrinkly dirty money. The money she’d taken out just now was brand new, how did it turn back into a pile of junk? She looked at the shopkeeper after counting: “You counted the money wrong.”

“There’s no mistake. One popsicle is fifty cents, but it’s US cents.” It was a given the shopkeeper would rip her off since she was a foreign girl.

“The exchange rate between the US dollar and the RMB is six point five, you’re still wrong.” Annan Xiu had read the newspapers just this morning. Exchange rates were important data among the global economy worth paying attention to, so of course Annan Xiu had casually taken note of them.

Li Luyou was silently full of admiration behind. Worthy of someone who would become an empress in the future, she was actually mindful of those issues when she even didn’t understand yet what change was.

“I’m talking about the euro…pound sterling, it’s about this price.” The shopkeeper wasn’t sure either about the specific exchange rates of the euro and pound sterling, so he impatiently waved his hand. “You just take another popsicle, whatever happens you’ll be the one to benefit.”

“You think I’m an idiot?” A layer of faint pink flush emerged on Annan Xiu’s fair cheeks, as if she was very angry.

Li Luyou was also very angry. Annan Xiu looked like a lovely and pretty little girl no matter what. This shopkeeper ripped people off as if they were stupid. It was too excessive, even if it were only a few yuans.

“I don’t think you’re an idiot. Our living standards are in line with developing countries, our prices are in line with developed countries. Hahaha…” The shopkeeper was pretty proud, he felt he was pretty skilled at talking, a loquacious man.

“No one has ever dared to treat me like an idiot.” Annan Xiu obviously didn’t understand his meaning, but there was no doubt this shopkeeper didn’t plan on apologizing.

Li Luyou looked at Annan Xiu. She had a somewhat furious appearance. It was very obvious Her Imperial Highness found very difficult to bear being treated like an idiot by someone she saw as an aboriginal.

Li Luyou was about to stick his head out for Annan Xiu, but he was a step too late. A dazzling beam of light exploded out from Annan Xiu’s hands.

“Pa Cha!”

Lightning leaped and flashed between the fingertips of her slender and tender hands. Black smoke rolled, and the small snack counter’s fridge exploded in an instant, turning into a smoking pile of scrap metal. Half the gaudy plastic packages melted, issuing the pungent smell of scorched charcoal. Various kinds of ice creams melted together, flowing in a flurry of colors. Sharp corners had been busted out of the ragged iron sheets, embellishing the might of this small-scale explosion.

It attracted the attention of passersby as they came over with meaningless manners, expressing shock, or perhaps that it was of no consequence to them. The shopkeeper was tightly pasted on the wall, his stare locked tight on the already scrapped fridge. It was obvious he hadn’t come back to his senses yet. How would a perfectly fine fridge explode out of nowhere?

Li Luyou hurriedly squeezed his way past and pulled Annan Xiu with him as they ran.

Although he hadn’t been any kind of honest and well-behaved child, he’d still never done aggressive things like exploding something after a brief unpleasant remark. He ran while pulling Annan Xiu behind for a while, and only let go of her hand when he saw no one was paying attention, panting heavily.

Annan Xiu looked at her small hand then angrily watched Li Luyou with a face flushed bright red. “There’s never been anyone…”

“Never been anyone your ass!” Li Luyou breathed deeply and interrupted her words in a bad mood. “You destroy their fridge worth a thousand bucks just because they cheated you a few yuans?”

“This kind of behavior provoking a member of the imperial house wouldn’t be so easily forgiven just like this in the Heavenly Cloud Empire.” Annan Xiu felt she’d already been merciful. The imperial house’s dignity couldn’t be easily insulted, not to mention it was something involving the senior princess’ reputation. Wouldn’t she be mocked by that bunch of morons if the matter of herself being treated as an idiot on a primitive world were to spread to the Annan imperial house?

“But this isn’t the Heavenly Clouds Divine Realm, and this isn’t a province of the Heavenly Clouds Empire either, we’re outside of the Annan imperial house’s jurisdiction.” Li Luyou would naturally laugh loudly if he saw someone try to cheat his way through and end up the worse for wear in normal times, but the nature of the matter was clearly different now. The most important was if someone were to find out it was something Annan Xiu had done, a little girl who could discharge electricity from her palms… Something like that would bring a lot of troubles for Li Luyou and disturb his quiet and steady life.

“Wait until I restore my power…”

Li Luyou once again interrupted Annan Xiu’s words. “You promised me you would drop any idea you had about our world. Is saying something then not keeping your words also a privilege of you imperial family members?”

Annan Xiu was already very angry at being interrupted again and again. Not to mention, as a senior princess far more honorable than ordinary members of the imperial house, she’d never gone through the experience of a boy holding her hand while running. Annan Xiu felt she was the one with the better reasons to get angry no matter how she looked at it. She glared at Li Luyou, seething in anger, trying to decide whether she should throw him a lightning ball and roast him until he was scorched outside and still well cooked inside.

“The most important thing is, you could attract retaliation. The aboriginal world in your eye won’t so easily crumble at the first blow like in your imagination. If you keep using your power like that regardless of anything else, then once you meet with retaliation…” Li Luyou felt it was necessary to make her understand just how great was the strength of things like guns, cannons, or bullets, make her weigh which was stronger and which was weaker out of her divine sorcery or Earth’s military power. “Can you block bullets? Do you know what’s a bullet? A metal pimple with a speed exceeding three hundred meters a second, do you know how frightful it is when this kind of metal pimple strikes into a person’s body?”

Li Luyou started to explain to Annan Xiu, from handguns to machine guns, from artillery to tanks, from rocket launchers to nuclear weapons. He didn’t use very professional data to describe their might, but used very concrete descriptions.

“Do you how how much power your whatever lightning ball from earlier had? It can’t even compare to a grenade. How many lightning balls like this can you release? There’s too many grenades like that on Earth to count. This city of ours couldn’t be regarded as small right? But it’s also only a matter of a hydrogen bomb. One of those falls down and the whole city is destroyed, everything dead. Does your divine sorcery have so much power?” Li Luyou talked with rather some disdain. When Annan Xiu had shown him the scene of divine sorcerers releasing their divine spells in the Heavenly Clouds Divine Realm, it had seemed like magnificent and miraculous but it hadn’t reflected their strength.

Annan Xiu didn’t make a sound. The little girl’s frail body seemed especially desolate on the street as people went by hither and fro, as if the words Li Luyou had spoken in one breath had made her recognize that the divine sorcery she was so proud of wasn’t anything extraordinary in this world.

“What’s wrong?” Li Luyou didn’t think that this prideful princess would be so fragile. She seemed to have finally realized the power of Earth’s weapons and had received a deep psychological blow.

“I’m only thinking what simple methods there are to directly exterminate this world, so that you won’t even have time to counterattack.” Annan Xiu raised her head and said with a blank face.

Li Luyou heaved a sigh. Indeed a wildly ambitious great demon king. Those people wouldn’t alter their aspirations no matter how many times they were crushed by heroes and brave warriors. How would Annan Xiu be so fragile? He was still too honest and naive to foolishly worry about her.

“Did you think of a way?” Li Luyou felt that he himself had become more fragile, wondering from dawn to dusk whether the little girl in the room next door would destroy the Earth.

“Not for now, but I will think of a way sooner or later.”

Li Qingshan sighed in relief. Annan Xiu promised she would give up any idea about the Earth, but he still felt it would make him more relieved if she gave up after realizing she didn’t have any way to conquer the Earth, and expressed reverence for the Earth’s military strength instead.

“Let’s go, let’s go back.” Li Luyou went to grab Annan Xiu’s hand.

“Why are you casually pulling my hand! No respect for your betters!” Annan Xiu lifted her brows and glared at Li Luyou, enduring with difficulty.

Li Luyou chuckled. He was but the most ordinary of modern men, how would he keep Annan Xiu’s status in mind at all times. It wasn’t to say that a princess of the Annan imperial house didn’t amount to anything here, but he merely didn’t have any notion about princesses and aboriginals to begin with. He’d merely treated Annan Xiu as an awkward little girl just then after he’d relaxed just then, just like his sister. He was used to always lead his sister by the hand when they were together.

Annan Xiu followed behind Li Luyou, gripping her hands together behind her waist. She hurriedly shouted when she saw Li Luyou walk up to a public bus, “Hey, why are you going there?”

“It’s so far, you want us to walk back?”

“We can’t?”

“Of course we can’t.” Li Luyou climbed on his own inside the bus.

Annan Xiu looked at the vehicle. It wasn’t crowded and only Li Luyou was standing. She hesitated a moment and clenched her teeth. She lifted her skirt and climbed up as if she’d made a formidable decision.

Li Luyou stood in the central area of the bus. There was a seat left in front of him.

Annan Xiu walked there, then she looked at Li Luyou without making any movement.

“Your Highness, just say if you have any request, don’t always look at me and make me guess, ok?” Li Luyou had a constant headache. He didn’t have any tacit understanding with Annan Xiu, but she still always liked to put up an appearance of you-should-understand.

Annan Xiu took out a silk handkerchief from inside the pocket of the little rag doll on her skirt. She only sat down after wiping the seat, then she threw the silk handkerchief to Li Luyou.

Now Li Luyou knew what he had to do. He tossed the silk handkerchief into the trash can.

There were gradually more people inside the bus after a few stops. There was an old man with a head full of silver hair who’d come in and stood near Li Luyou. No one gave him a seat.

“Why doesn’t he need to pay?” Annan Xiu asked full of curiosity.

Li Luyou said pretty proud, “Because he’s an elder. Respect for the elderly and love for the young is a fine tradition of the Chinese people.”

Annan Xiu nodded, expressing her understanding.

“You stand up, give the grandpa your seat.” Li Luyou pointed at the words besides the seat when Annan Xiu stared at him and explained, “Your seat is a priority seat for the elderly and the disabled.”

Only then did Annan Xiu stand up reluctantly.

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