MWIAP Chapter 3

My Wife Is A Princess

Chapter 3: Conquer This World


It seemed to Li Luyou he was watching the Heavenly Clouds Divine Realm from an overlooking perspective. The feeling was akin to watching a scene through a crystal ball like in a fantasy movie. Li Luyou was only left with a vague impression however when he woke up after the nings and dings from the wind chime disappeared, unable to recall anything in great details. His understanding of the Heavenly Clouds Divine Realm stopped merely at a point he could determine it was a world flavored with the color of myths.

When Li Luyou raised his head and looked at Annan Xiu once again, he didn’t see her anymore like a pitiable child plagued by excessive delusion due to the professionalism of her cosplay.

“Now you believe?” The little girl slightly squinted her eyes, feeling a little proud. But she disdained watching the daze Li Luyou was entranced in. She only grunted loudly as a reminder after he stayed there for a long while without saying anything, expressing in passing her deep contempt for the Earth aboriginals’ ignorance and lack of experience.

“I…” Li Luyou instinctively shifted backward. Everyone would feel instinctive vigilance against a figure holding an extreme deterrence power they couldn’t understand. She looked like an extremely pretty little girl, but Li Luyou wasn’t a pervert that wouldn’t be able to move after seeing a beautiful woman. He didn’t have the lusty guts to embrace the heavens. At this time he was merely at his wits end. He walked toward the bathroom without caring for anything else. “You wait a little… I’ll take a shower first.”

Strings of rain splashed from the nozzle and hit Li Luyou’s body. The cool sensation made his skin shrink into goosebumps. Li Luyou stood there, listening to the patter of water against his ears. Apart from some excitement from the incredible things he’d seen, most of what he felt was bewilderment. He actually brought back home a princess from another world.

Actually this feeling wasn’t much different from raising a prehistoric dinosaur in your backyard. It was only that this Imperial Highness Annan Xiu was far cuter and more beautiful than a dinosaur, and also much easier to hide… Li Luyou actually remembered “Denver, the Last Dinosaur” at that moment.

Li Luyou stayed blankly in the bathroom for a while before feeling it wasn’t very proper just dumping someone outside like that. He hurriedly dried his hair and changed his clothes before going out. The little girl was bored to death, casting her eyes east and west. She took back on a prim attitude when she saw Li Luyou come out, looking upright and proper like a virtuous lady.

“Your Imperial Highness… why did you choose me to be your attendant? I may not be the most suitable candidate.” Li Luyou had said earlier that he’d agree to her conditions as long as Annan Xiu could prove she came from the Heavenly Clouds Divine Realm, but this thing was really a little too far from normal. Li Luyou couldn’t accept an attendant’s job just like that… She’d promised an extraordinarily beautiful future, but no matter a fief, a cabinet prime minister, or a great general, those were all things on the Heavenly Clouds Divine Realm. Would Li Luyou just follow her and run there? He had no idea in his heart.

Not to mention, an attendant was almost a servant. Li Luyou didn’t discriminate against the service industry, but he himself was sure he didn’t want to do those jobs.

“There were many people whose clothing styles gave me a sense of familiarity when I first saw you people at the convention. But unfortunately, upon a closer look, it seemed you people actually were so deeply obsessed with disguising yourself to such an ugly sight that I couldn’t bear. Even the performance costumes, props, and disguises of circus clowns are more refined than you people… I saw you when I was ready to leave.” The little girl shook her head and sighed, then looked at Li Luyou with a faint frown.

“It was a little the feeling of ‘I searched and searched hundred and thousand times inside the crowd, and when I suddenly turned my head by chance, that person was there where the lights glowed waning1.’”

Li Luyou was extremely unhappy when he heard Annan Xiu give such an evaluation of the cosplay convention, but she truly had the qualifications to talk like that. Li Luyou could only grab onto the focal point. This little girl couldn’t be obsessively in love with him, she wouldn’t have followed him just because he was a little good-looking and looked harmless to men and domestic animals.

“There’s a reason I chose you, you don’t need to know.”

Worthy of a princess, whether doing things or speaking she had the pure grandeur of one who occupied the absolute top seat. The little girl thought a little then said, “ Here is an unfamiliar world. There’s nothing difficult about adapting to this world’s lifestyle for me, but having someone to oversee things will avoid some trouble. You just need to take care of my basic necessities and carefully do the things I tell you to do…”

She once again took out the necklace and put it on the tea table. “ This is your reward… However it doesn’t have a lot of use for you. If you’re more concerned about power and wealth, you can wait until I come back from the Heavenly Clouds Divine Realm. When I return to this world, it won’t be by myself, I’ll bring an army and conquer it then turn it into a new province of the Heavenly Clouds Empire. As my attendant and a local aboriginal, you will become the governor of the Earth province as a matter of course.”

Governor of the Earth province… The muscles at the corner of Li Luyou’s mouth barely twitched a bit and squeezed out a smile. What the hell was happening to him.

Her Imperial Highness Annan Xiu. Li Luyou cast a sidelong glance at the indifferent little girl. She actually planned to lead an army and cross dimensions to conquer a foreign world, wasn’t this something that the evil Sargeras wanted to do to the world of Azeroth? In the vast majority of RPG games, this kind of wildly ambitious great demon king would always be miserably taken care of in the end.

There was no legendary figure who managed to unite the whole world in the history of human civilization on Earth. Li Luyou had also no desire to become the first.

If Li Luyou were still an ignorant urchin, great ambitions might have broken out of him after reading the chronicles of Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great. He might have grabbed a stone and smashed the dog next door from the low perimeter walls of his house, then fantasize he was battling with a wicked beast as he faced the ultimate war for the unification of Earth…

The present Li Luyou would naturally not do that. Unifying the Earth sounded like an extraordinary thing. It meant six or seven billion people would lower their heads and listen to his commands. He could take what he wanted, have beautiful women when he wanted beautiful women, have fine food when he wanted fine food. Power, money, riches, lovely women, status, he would have all those things male creatures couldn’t resist.

But Li Luyou never thought about becoming a muddleheaded regent indulging in a life of extravagance. It wouldn’t be an easy thing to govern the world, not to mention he would definitely be dragged into political struggles. The finesse needed to rule was definitely something out of the scope of Li Luyou’s abilities. If he ruled the Earth into a terrible state, then the population of the whole world would unite against his governance, and in the end he could only sink into a dictator infamous throughout the ages.

There was nothing funny about that. Li Luyou was a good man, he wasn’t thinking of satisfying his cravings and just die, he wasn’t thinking of, après moi, le déluge2. He didn’t dare take responsibility for everyone on Earth, and didn’t want to have the Earth become every kind of chaos under his rule.

Governing such a great globe was admittedly filled with all sorts of temptations, but in comparison, Li Luyou felt it suited him better to blow air-conditioning in his own room, then download the latest high definition movies, then spray his saliva all over all sorts of forums.

“Let’s put aside the matter of the Earth province governor for now… I can become your attendant. Here it should be a bit more accurate to call it the position of an assistant. I’ll become your assistant as long as you forget the idea about attacking the Earth when you go back to the Heavenly Clouds Divine Realm, what do you think?”

An absolutely ridiculous feeling emerged inside him as he spoke. On such a beautiful evening, in such an ordinary old-fashioned room, he was actually discussing the problem of world peace with someone. He even felt there was much need for him to give it his all. “You have to know it’s a very disgraceful thing as a man of Earth to give you this and that assistance while clearly knowing you’re planning to invade the Earth. I think you’re also hoping your assistant’s conduct could be a bit more noble and reliable right?”

“I was indeed not wrong about you, you’re willing to give up your own interests for the sake of this world. This is the inner essence of becoming an extraordinary person and a hero.” The little girl who’d always maintained a haughty attitude finally exposed a tiny smile. “I agree with your condition.”

Li Luyou heaved a sigh. He had actually done such a formidable thing, made contributions so that the whole of humanity could live as a free people away from tyranny.

Li Luyou probed with another question: “Then how long do I need to be an assistant?”

“I don’t know, I will try my best to restore my power to its peak, then I’ll use divine spatial sorcery and leave.” The little girl coldly sent a sidelong glance Li Luyou’s way, as if she’d seen through his inner thoughts. “Relax, it won’t take too long.”

Li Luyou let out a sigh of relief and asked again, “Then how powerful is your peak strength… Like destroying a building in one punch, this sort of thing.”

“Destroying a building in one punch? Only crude self-satisfied lowly apprentices would do that to show off their power. For divine sorcerers, only the pursuit of a power of creation infinitely close to that of the gods can be the symbol of their might.”

The Heavenly Clouds Divine Realm could be described as a world where magicians had a higher status than warriors, which was a common setting in various fantasy novels. Li Luyou latched onto the most important points. After genuinely determining the existence of another mythical world, it was impossible to say there was no curiosity and no interest, but the little girl in front of him was letting out from time to time an impatient expression, making him unable to ask too many questions.

“Last question, what about your present strength?” Li Luyou was hoping her present strength would be as low as possible. He didn’t want to stay with some guy who could casually break him to pieces at any moment, since she obviously wouldn’t care about what she saw as “aboriginal” laws and moral values. Killing someone should be something entirely without pressure for her.

“I consumed almost all my power coming here. Now there’s not much difference between me and ordinary people, I won’t be too much of a threat to you.” The little girl lifted her head, her little mouth gently spitting her words. Her lips quietly trembled a few times; she clearly somewhat couldn’t resign herself to it.

But Li Luyou’s mood became much better. He said happily, “This is an ordinary world, it’s all the better if everyone’s an ordinary person.”

An ordinary world? The little girl looked out of the windows, tightly holding her cane. What’s good about ordinary people, they couldn’t even guarantee their own right to survival. This was really a primitive world.

  1. Excerpt from Tune of the Green Jade Table – The Lantern Festival, a poem by Southern Song poet Xin Qiji.
  2. Après moi, le déluge: A saying attributed to king Louis XV of France, meaning literally “After me, comes the flood.” Here it can be interpreted as “the whole world can perish after I die, I don’t care.”

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